Barnes Science and Faith Symposium | October 2016

CRISPR-Cas9 has provided a precise, quick and inexpensive ability to alter all life forms at the genetic level, including human life. What is this technology? What can it do? Where will it take us? Should we go there? The Barnes Science and Faith Symposium will take on these questions and address key practical issues on one of the hot topics of today.

Keynote speaker, James Peterson, PhD 
"HUMAN GENE EDITING NOW: The National Academy of Science’s Pursuit of What We Should Do"

  • Dr. Peterson is Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of Benne Center for Religion & Society at Roanoke College and Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
  • Editor-in-Chief, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. He is published and speaks internationally about ethics issues. Author of books Changing Human Nature: Ecology, Ethics, Genes, and God and Genetic Turning Points.
  • Named a Fellow as one of the 200 most influential scholars in the world in the fields of science and religion by the International Society for Science and Religion founded at Cambridge University.


Distinguished Lecturer, Joseph Miano, PhD.
"A CRISPR Approach to Biomedical Research"

  • Dr. Miano is Professor and Associate Director of the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center. 
  • He lectures nationally and internationally on the subject of genetics.
  • Fellow of the American Heart Association and a member of the Vascular Cell and Molecular Biology Study Section at NIH.


Scheduled Events

Monday, October 17

4:00 pm

Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Joseph Miano*:
"A CRISPR Approach to Biomedical Research"                      

 Lake Auditorium,
Merlin G. Smith Science Center      

6:00 pm Dinner  Garlock Dining Hall
7:30 pm

Keynote Speaker - Dr. James Peterson*:
"HUMAN GENE EDITING NOW: The National Academy
of Science's Pursuit of What We Should Do"

  Lake Auditorium,
  Merlin G. Smith Science Center   

Tuesday, October 18

10:50 am


Case Study and Discussion - Dr. James Peterson:
"What Resources Can We Bring to Guide Gene Editing, 
Specifically as Christians?

 RWC & NES Students/Faculty only


*ASL Interpretation available upon request


Registration requested for dinner and all other events

   $ 9.00         Dinner at Garlock Dining Commons
      Free          Speaking events (registration requested)
                       (Case study is open to Roberts students/ faculty only)



The Barnes Science and Faith Symposium was established in 2010
to explore issues of science and faith by:

  • Clearly presenting relevant scientific data relating to specific science-faith issues.
  • Articulating Christian perspectives of science-faith issues.
  • Expose the Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary communities to scholars, who are both well recognized scientists and devout Christians.
  • Encourage students to pursue rigorous academic careers