Course Description

HEB 201
Intermediate Hebrew I [Lecture] (3.0)

This course builds on the foundation laid in Elementary Hebrew I & II. The main emphasis of this course is on the continuing development of the student's understanding of Hebrew grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, as well as the cultivation of basic reading skills in the Hebrew text. Regular reading assignments taken from selected portions of the biblical text, e.g. Genesis and Ruth, provide an opportunity to gain basic proficiency in reading narrative passages in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Integrated into the reading of the text is an inductive review of the basics of the language. The grammar and syntax assignments introduce the student to a significant number of weak and irregular forms and assist in developing a strategy for rapid recognition of such forms. Vocabulary building continues to emphasize frequent and important forms. The course also introduces the student to some of the basic principles of Hebrew lexical studies and the basic lexical tools that are available to the student of Biblical Hebrew. Prerequisite: HEB 102. (Offered alternate years)


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