Course Description

HEB 202
Intermediate Hebrew II [Lecture] (3.0)

This course prepares the student for exegetical studies in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. The approach of the course is to work intensively with selected texts, while expanding and deepening the student's knowledge of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. A number of important resources for the study of grammar and syntax are introduced in conjunction with the solution of grammatical and syntactical problems in the text. Sound hermeneutical principles are discussed at the appropriate points, and especially those related to the effective use of biblical languages in the study of the Old Testament. The student is given the opportunity to compare her/his own insights with those found in standard commentaries as the course progresses. The texts studied in this course are taken primarily from the hymnic, wisdom, and prophetic literature of the Old Testament. Important aspects of working with Hebrew poetic texts in particular are discussed. Throughout the course, the student is introduced to a number of standard reference works and resources that are of great benefit to the student who is proficient in the Hebrew language. Prerequisite: HEB 201. (Offered alternate years)


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