Course Description

REL 325
Islam [Lecture] (3.0)

This course provides the student with a beginning survey course in one of the great global religions, Islam. We will probe the historical origins of Islam, examine its growth and diversity, and inquire into the modern day manifestations in countries around the globe. The course will be historical, textual, and phenomenological. As one of the basic courses in the Religious Studies major at Roberts Wesleyan College, it will be taught both within the context of the college and at the same time current world events. As an academic subject, this course is not faith-based, nor is it the intention to convert anyone, but rather, to examine in a higher-educational setting in the context of the study of world religions, to think academically and critically about the origins, manifestation and influence of Islam. Guest speakers and trips to mosques will make the learning experiential. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, and PHL 202-Religion. (Offered on demand)


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