Course Description


MIN 200
Education in Ministry [Lecture] (3.0)

This course offers an introduction to the church's ministry of education with an emphasis on organizing and staffing such a program. Topics covered include a study of the theology and history of Christian education and evaluation of a Christian education program. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 201
Leadership in Ministry [Lecture] (3.0)

This study of leadership in ministry emphasizes its biblical basis and its role in the church. Topics covered include decisions and difficulties in leadership, the relationship between personality and leadership style, and the tension between leading and serving.

MIN 206
Introduction to Camping [Lecture] (3.0)

This introductory course covers such topics as camping philosophy, principles and techniques of camping, program development and interpersonal relationships, counseling techniques, understanding young people's needs, camp staffing, and camp management. Emphasis is on camp counseling with a brief survey of other aspects of camping. Prerequisite: PSY 101 is recommended. (Offered on demand)

MIN 300
Proclamation in Ministry [Lecture] (3.0)

This course examines the history, theology, and art of preaching. Special attention is given to the principles of preaching as well as the construction and delivery of sermons. Great sermons and great preachers are studied. Prerequisite: CMC 101. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 302
Ministry of Liturgy [Lecture] (3.0)

By examining the history, theology, and art of worship, special attention is given to planning, leading, and appreciating various models of worship found in the church. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 330
Youth Ministries [Lecture] (3.0)

This course is a survey of the youth culture, age-level needs, peer pressures, and various strategies and methodologies for working with young people. On-site observation of successful programs and review of materials constitute a major emphasis. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 350
Ministry & Mission in the Global Church [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
A study of the nature and mission of the church from a global perspective, including an exploration of a theology of mission and evangelism; special attention will be given to the implications of this study for those who minister from a North American context. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 400
Pastoral Care in Ministry [Lecture] (3.0)

This course examines the ministry of pastoral care with special emphasis on its history, theology, context, support systems, and approach. Students are introduced to real life pastoral care experiences by active pastoral care givers. Prerequisite: PSY 101. (Offered alternate years)

MIN 450
Field Education for Ministry I [Practicum] (3.0)

Students are given on-the-job training in a church or agency devoted to the ministry the student hopes to enter. Open to juniors and seniors only, with approval of faculty advisor as per application process in syllabus.

MIN 451
Field Education for Ministry II [Practicum] (1.0-3.0)

This course is identical to MIN 450 except it is designed for a second field education experience at a different location. Open to juniors and seniors only, with approval of faculty advisor as per application process in syllabus.

MIN 495
Independent Study in Ministry [Independent Study] (1.0-3.0)

Independent study provides opportunity to pursue advanced or special-interest topics not covered in the curriculum. Prerequisites: 1. Junior standing. 2. A minimum of 9 semester hours in the discipline of the Independent Study. 3. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the discipline. 4. Proof of motivation and ability to work independently. 5. Approval of the department in which the study is to be taken. 6. Permission from the student's advisor, the course instructor, the Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.


The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course.
An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.