Course Description


THE 200
Exploring the Christian Worldview [Lecture and Laboratory] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course wil introduce students to the biblical worldview which forms the overarching framework of the Old and New Testaments. Students will explore important themes such as the creation, humanity in God's image, covenant, evil and idolatry, the kingdom of God, and the nature of redemption. Students will also take a critical look at the origins of and recent shifts in the dominant worldview that shapes contemporary Western culture, and we will ask what it means to be a faithful follower of Christ both in our academic work as students and in the whole of our lives in contemporary culture. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their own gifts and calling in God's world. The course includes a discussion section that meets regularly throughout the semester. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, and PHL 202-Religion. (Offered alternate years)

THE 275
Introduction to Christian Theology [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course provides an introduction to the main themes of Christian theology from both systematic and biblical perspectives. Areas of exploration will include the doctrines of God, creation, humanity, revelation, redemption, church, and last things. In addition to offering a survey of the major tenets of the Christian faith, this course seeks to encourage inquiry about the nature of Christian faith and helps students develop their abilities to think and express themselves theologically. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, PHL 202 - Religion; HST 102/103 strongly recommended.

THE 305
World Religions [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This study will focus on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, giving attention to the origins, development, literature, and belief systems of these religions. Issues of inter-religious dialogue will be examined. Also listed as REL 305. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, HST 102/103, PHL 202-Religion, and THE 275 or permission of the instructor.

THE 320
Religion and Society [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
(See SOC 320 for description)

THE 325
Seminar in Wesleyan Thought [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course examines the thought of John Wesley and his interpreters down to the present. Prerequisites: BIB 101, BIB 102, PHL 202 -Religion, and THE 275 or permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

THE 340
Special Topics - Living the Future: Medicine, the Environment and the New Theism [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
The increasingly rapid global growth of technology presents unprecedented challenges to everyday life, especially in areas of health, disease, and the environment. Science seeks both to understand the connections among these areas and to find strategies to negotiate the challenges. In addition, the current rise of a "new atheism" centered in the scientific community reveals a crisis of meaning about issues such as the value and purpose of human life. This course will, first, introduce the student to aspects of environmental medicine of contemporary importance such as climate change and disease, food safety and food supply, and intangible human needs for a sense of place and significance. Second, it will examine the theological assumptions and frameworks that may unify these apparently disconnected features of contemporary life. Finally, the course will allow the student to explore in depth the interactions among medicine, the environment and the "New Theism" (defined as the natural theology arising out of the current dialog between science and faith) through case studies of three historic eras and projects of individual interest. Also listed as BIO 340. Prerequisites: PHL 202 and a lower-level BIO/CHM. (Offered alternate years)

THE 350
Theology & Gender [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to help the student understand the influence that gender has on biblical interpretation and theological perspectives. Included among the topics of discussion is a consideration of the biblical material related to the nature of the human being as well as the ethical and social implications of a theology of human equality. In addition, the course seeks to expose the student to major models of feminist theological interpretation. It is hoped that this exposure, along with class discussion and reflection, will assist the student in coming to her or his own assessment of the relative value of each of these models for articulating a faithful and constructive theology for contemporary culture. Also listed as WST 350. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, and PHL 202. (Offered alternate years)

THE 375
Biblical Theology & Contemporary Culture [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This advanced interdisciplinary seminar course explores the intersection of the biblical worldview with contemporary postmodern culture. The course addresses different foci from year to year. These might include biblical resources for meeting the challenges of postmodern life and ministry, contemporary Christian responses to postmodern thought, critical analysis of popular music in contemporary culture, and an appraisal of postmodern interpretive strategies for reading Scripture. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, THE 200, THE 275, and PHL 202 - Religion. Recommended for juniors and seniors. (Offered alternate years)

THE 401
Theological Issues in Historical Perspective [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
Christian thought is examined as it developed in its environments. The course focuses on selected scholars or topics. Prerequisites: BIB 101, BIB 102, PHL 202-Religion, and THE 275 or permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

THE 406
Psychology and Theology [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
(See PSY 406 for description)

THE 409
Selected Topics in Theological Studies [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is an upper-level seminar for students desiring advanced study in the craft of theology. Through examination of the writings of selected theologians, Christian thinkers, and theological topics, the course offers an in-depth analysis of the various sources, norms, and criteria that have been used in the development of Christian theology. Content differs from year to year. Prerequisites: BIB 101, BIB 102, PHL 202-Religion, and THE 275 or permission of the instructor. (May be repeated if content differs.) (Offered alternate years)

THE 495
Independent Study in Theology [Independent Study] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
Independent study provides opportunity to pursue advanced or special-interest topics not covered in the curriculum. Prerequisites: 1. Junior standing. 2. A minimum of 9 semester hours in the discipline of the Independent Study. 3. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the discipline. 4. Proof of motivation and ability to work independently. 5. Approval of the department in which the study is to be taken. 6. Permission from the student's advisor, the course instructor, the Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.


The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course.
An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.