June 3, 2014

Alumni Spotlight - Melissa (Thompson) Almendinger '13

My time at Roberts Wesleyan College made a significant impact on my life. The professors in the psychology department taught me, supported me, and invested in my life.   They provided me with education about advanced degrees in psychology, and the different career options in psychology. Through this education and a calling from God to be a therapist for children in need, I decided to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology, so that I can provide assessments and therapy for children. Thanks to the support and guidance of many professors at Roberts, I applied and was accepted to Regent University’s Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program, where I am currently in my first year of study.

I know God used my time at Roberts to prepare me for graduate school. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow in psychology with a Christian influence that Roberts offers. I look back at my years at Roberts with fondness, and I encourage all current students to make the most of these years.