MSW - Overview

Discover a program dedicated to your success. As a student of the MSW program, Roberts’ faculty are invested in your academic and professional development. It’s a rigorous training program for professionals seeking a career in Social Work.

  • Engage opportunities in global social work, including field experiences and cross cultural courses
  • Center your practice with a spiritually enriched ecological systems model that encourages you to be aware of your faith and value orientation and how it may interact with that of your clients
  • Develop your critical thinking and apply the knowledge you develop to social work practice
  • Enjoy personal attention in small class sizes of 15 to 20 colleagues


The MSW program is available in Full-Time and Part-Time options. Full-time study requires a total of 60 semester hours over the course of two academic years, in addition to a significant internship commitment. This intensive curriculum is typically not possible with other extensive responsibilities. Students should be prepared to make adjustments to work responsibilities outside of the program.

The Part-Time alternative requires 60 semester hours over a four-year period. A minimum of 6 semester hours is required for each academic year. Summer courses are available in the first and third years to reduce the demands in the fall and spring semesters.


Students in the MSW program specialize in one of two advanced practice social work concentrations.

  • Mental Health – Prepares students for advanced direct agency-based social work practice in health settings
  • Child & Family Services – Prepares students for advanced direct social work practice within public and private agencies serving children and families

Expect Success. Prepare to be challenged.

Students in Roberts’ MSW program graduate as highly qualified candidates prepared to serve in the health or public/private agency related areas of social work. Throughout the program, graduate students are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Required courses with a grade less than B- will need to be repeated. These rigorous expectations ensure that you will graduate with the skills and experiences necessary to succeed in a social work career.

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