Kirk Kettinger, M.S.

Director of Alumni Relations


1992 – Bachelor of Arts in English, Roberts Wesleyan College

1995 – Master of Divinity, Asbury Theological Seminary

2001 – Master of Science in Management, Roberts Wesleyan College


Where were you born?

Ft. Wayne, Indiana


I spent seventh through twelfth grades living in N. Chili, New York.  However, we moved to NY from Seattle, Washington, and Seattle feels like home every time I go back.  

Family Facts?

I am married to Michelle Singleton, class of ’92.  We have two great kids:  Meghan and Jared.

Furthest place I have visited since graduating from Roberts?

I was privileged to visit Hong Kong, China, and Korea in 2010.  It was a great opportunity to meet people from a very different culture.  They were wonderful to us and it was a great experience. 

One of my favorite professors was….

There were many, but I’ll cheat and mention three.  Professors Dave Basinger, Jud Decker, and Harold Hurley all had a part in shaping my education and outlook on life.  Dave helped me think critically, Jud taught me to better understand people and to appreciate their struggles and celebrations, and Harold honed my communication skills.

Favorite Roberts memory?

My wife and I likely met many times before officially meeting at Roberts.  Both our fathers are Free Methodist pastors, and we were at a number of the same youth events growing up.  But it was at Roberts where our relationship really got started and led to a great life together.

Best advice given me while at Roberts?

Besides always carry an umbrella, I was once told to make up my own mind about other people and not to let other’s opinion take the place of my own experience.  That has been excellent advice and has led to many friendships that may not have happened otherwise.