Roberts Community Music School

Roberts Community Music School

This is a place where you can realize your goals, reach your potential, and enjoy your musical journey.


To provide a full range of the finest possible instruction and musical opportunities to persons of all ages and abilities, to increase appreciation of music and to encourage a sense of joy in learning and performing.


We envision a society where all people have access to individualized musical study and exploration that fosters an environment of creativity and innovation of artistic endeavors.


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Student of the Month


Ethan Wilson | trumpet

“Ethan is a fantastic student! He is dedicated to improving weekly on the trumpet and is not scared of working hard. Often I assign him a lot of material for his next lesson and he always comes in prepared and ready for a challenge. He has a beautiful sound that is only getting better week to week as we continue our work together. I'm proud of his progression from the beginning of this semester and look forward to seeing his continued growth on the trumpet, and where it will lead!” –Patrick Corvington


student of the month

Carter Garigen | piano

“Carter is a motivated and talented 5-year-old boy! He practices many times a week and returns eager to show his teacher what he’s learned. He focuses during his lessons and is working on how to play a fun song from one of his favorite TV shows. Carter started lessons in September and has quickly progressed through the Faber Primer level book, and is just a few pages away from finishing Book 1! He performed at his first recital in December and looks forward to performing again in the spring. His teacher and family are so proud of him! Keep up the great work, Carter!” –Shannon O’Leary


student of the month

Virginia Ignatowski | violin

“Ginny is such a joy to work with! She humbly admits her flaws and then charges onward with tenacity, making huge progress every week. My goal as a teacher is to give her the tools she needs to let her vibrant spirit shine through in the music she makes. We have a lot of fun in our lessons.” –Nicole Langford


student of the month

Hannah Holcomb | flute

"Hannah has been playing the flute for three and a half years. She always comes to her lessons with a positive attitude, eagerness to learn and a willingness to try new things such as extended techniques. It is a pleasure to work with her at the RCMS." - Cassie Dries


student of the month

Lydia Bauch | piano

“Lydia has only been playing the piano for a year, but she has worked super hard and has made fantastic progress! She comes to her lessons prepared to show off what she has learned over the week, and is enthusiastic about learning new songs and playing them musically. I enjoy working with her bubbly personality and challenging her creative spirit!” ~Julie M. Runion


student of the month

Rex Woodfield | guitar

“Rex has been studying classical guitar at the RCMS for 5 years now. This year he graduated to the Level 2 repertoire in The Royal Conservatory Of Music Guitar Series. He is an enthusiastic student who also plays alto sax in the Churchville Chili school band. It's always a pleasure to see him at his lessons!” - Tim Shannon


music talent

Myles Boothroyd


“I love the opportunity to inspire those who share my passion for music. It is wonderfully rewarding when I can pass on part of what I have discovered as a performer to help someone achieve a breakthrough on his/her instrument. More importantly, teaching is a constant learning experience for me; I am always learning from my students about how to be a better educator, collaborator, and artist.”

music talent

Leanne Zito


"There is nothing better than seeing the pride and joy that arrives in a student when overcoming a challenge. I love seeing the students grow and improve overtime."

music talent

Michael Van Allen


I love when students study with me because they get a more well-rounded music education. Getting to learn the whole swing/pop thing is a fun break from all their other classes and lessons.”

music talent

Patrick Corvington


"It is my wish to inspire students through imitation to perform effortlessly and musically with increased mastery of solid technique and fundamentals. I rely upon creative and fun techniques tailored to each individual's needs and goals. I love to energize students to be creative and confident music-makers."

music instructor ashley moss

Ashley Moss

"Teaching music to infants and toddlers is pure joy! Starting children on their musical journey is my greatest passion. It is truly a blessing to be able to watch our littlest musicians experience familiar and unfamiliar sounds, explore movement and music making, and express their own musicianship each week!"

music talent

Tim Shannon


"Music has always been a powerful force in my life. I hope by teaching others how to play music that their own lives can be enriched the same way mine was. It has also been my privilege to watch students develop their own artistry and relationship with music over the years. I'm thankful for every one of them and for the opportunity to be part of their journey.”

What People Are Saying

“I have really enjoyed my lessons with Nicole. My church music director even commented on my improved sound. :) I am very happy with what I am learning in my lessons and Nicole is "stretching" me in what I am able to accomplish.”
–Ginny Ignatowski

“My six-year-old son started taking piano lessons with Leanne Zito in January and he is doing great. He is a very active boy and she is great at getting him to focus. I am very impressed with how far he has come and I have even noticed improvements in his academic reading and writing skills as well!”
– Anne Saleh

“Shannon is a very gifted piano teacher. She knows how to challenge me and also how to let me find my own way. Shannon is very affirming and encouraging during our lessons. Her knowledge base is vast. Shannon intuitively knows how to work with me where I am and then gently move me forward. You are fortunate to have her teaching in the Roberts Community Music School.”
–Pat Bradt

"As a music educator myself, I find the RCMS program incredibly rewarding for my son and a great value for the high level of instruction he receives. I look forward to enrolling my daughter as well."
- Matthew Nordhausen

"Everyone at RCMS is so kind and helpful. The instructor I had was very qualified. Highly recommend RCMS."
- Denise Spite

"We are so pleased about how kind and accommodating the teacher was to my ASD son. Mike has told me that his lessons relax him-- something that is very important and rare for him."
- Karen Fenton

“Thank you so much for all the work you put into the intro to music ukulele class. It was a great experience for Grant and I hope that you can continue to offer home school classes in the future. The class was challenging for him but he always left encouraged and excited about what he had learned. You are a wonderful teacher and your students were excellent with the children as well. The practice sheets and videos were great tools and really helped me guide his practice at home. The performance at the end was such a nice way to celebrate all that was learned and we really enjoyed the experience.”
–Elissa Glor

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